Peninsula Construction Inc is a family owned construction company, based in Queens. Other than being a general contractor with an in-house workshop for any type of custom millwork, we have over 35 years of construction experience, just in the New York Tri State area. Throughout the years, we built our strengths as a unique team that provides complete satisfactions for customers with various construction needs. We have earned our reputation as a versatile team that is able to resolve any customers' difficult situations.


The history of Peninsula Construction, Inc goes back to 1975 when we started our first construction business in Korea as Hee Hoon Interior & Woodwork. In 1983, it was registered with Korean authorities as Dong Jin Construction as a general contractor. In 1985, our family decided to move our business to New York, to pursue regional and general building construction work in the United States.


Today, Peninsula Construction Inc is backed by a tremendous pool of resources, covering broad scope of subjects, making us a well prepared team. We have decades of experience, providing technically oriented project management as well as assisting other Korean construction companies with design and engineering as a third party consultant. We specialize in custom millwork fabrication and international projects. Regardless of the size of each project, providing impeccable workmanship is the reason for our repeat customers.